Elourdes Pierre (B.Ed. Preschool and Primary Education, 1989), a teacher, consultant, educator, lecturer and committed volunteer, has, throughout her career, developed an approach to prevent bullying, verbal abuse and rejection. Her approach, which she has developed and refined over the years, has been repeatedly rewarded by her peers, the teaching, and the social community. In 2004, she won the Peace Medal awarded by the YMCA of Greater Montreal for the Bouquet d’humanité project, an exchange program in which she matched Quebec students with refugee families. This project, which has been Byenvini in Montreal for a few years, is aimed at refugee children, asylum seekers and newcomers aged 5 to 17.

The recipient of the 2015 Recognition Award from the Faculty of Educational Sciences has published two books, L’extrait, outil de découverte in 2002 and Ma première classe in 2004, practical resources for
teaching conflict management. Elourdes Pierre was also the star of Marcel Simard’s documentary, Le petit monde d’Elourdes, in 2010, a feature film that reveals the teacher’s approach to her students and the application of her methods. In the wake of the documentary, the Elourdes Pierre Scholarship was created in 2016 by Ms. Pierre and Mr. Alain Simard to encourage research in the educational sciences pertaining to the improvement of teaching practices, on the following themes: respect, dialogue, the fight against bullying and the socioemotional dynamics of the class.