30 August 2023

We’re almost ready!

A new MMS team is actively preparing for the next surgical mission in Togo. The team will be led by Jacques Corcos, with Quentin Alimi and Andry Perrin as surgeons, Igal Amir as our anaesthetist and Blandine Guedehoussou as respiratory therapist. The nurses will be Claudia Champagne, Kathy Massa and Christiane Honeine, and the coordinator, our foundation’s secretary, Andrea Juarez. The team plans to follow up on the women we operated on in April and to operate on 15 new women. Our warmest thanks to all the donors who make it possible to give hope and a smile back to so many women.

Thank you to the team members who have committed to raising funds for the mission. Use these links to learn more and support our volunteers. There are no small donations, each contribution will have a direct impact on the mission!